Meet the Owner

Mom wearing baby in a ring sling

Briana here! 

I am a wife, mother and most recently a mom-preneur.  I’ve been Babywearing since 2014 but fell in love with ring slings after my second child was born, I needed my hands free to chase my busy toddler.

Babywearing has allowed me to be the involved parent I always envisioned.  I’m never afraid to take my two kids out by myself, and I’m never tied down to a bulky stroller.  I get less anxious when I can tend to the needs of both my kids plus the unlimited snuggles while we are out and about is the sweetest thing ever! 

Here at Redding we believe that by developing a secure attachment with your child from the beginning of her life, you are empowering her to become a confident, independent adult...with a love for adventure and ever-changing scenery!

This is why we take pride in making each ring sling by hand, inspecting them with the highest attention to standards in quality and then sending them to a laboratory where they must pass rigorous testing before being deemed legal to sell to you and your family.  You can rest assured that when using our ring slings the safety of your child will NEVER be compromised.

When you purchase a ring sling from Redding, you support a stay-at-home-mom's dream of making babywearing accessible to all parents.  With that said, we are family now!  We have lots of videos and resources to help get you slinging but please email me to schedule a one on one consultation via skype or facetime : (Monday-Friday we respond within 24 hours)